How To Plant An Onion That Has Sprouted? Grab These 9 Easy Steps Now!


Did you know how to plant an onion that has sprouted? If not, then now is the best time to add spice and yummy flavors to raw or cooked dishes through growing your very own onions. But how can you grow one? 

Compared to other vegetables and plants, onion can grow again through planting either the part with a rooted mass on the bottom or an entire onion bulb. As soon as you planted and watered it, the roots located at the bottom will start to develop. After that, green onions will start to grow right at the top of the old onion.


Consider these step-by-step procedures if you want know how to plant an onion that has sprouted:

  1. Choose a healthy-looking onion which has sprouts in 8 inches or 12 inches pots. Pick one in every pot. Don’t forget to cut off rotted, pitted, or moldy parts prior to planting. Take care and maintain the core and the roots of the bulb.
  2.  Start filling every pot with a good potting mix. As much as possible, leave some inches space on the top.
  3. Create a hole in the middle of the soil which about the depth and width of the vegetable.
  4.  After that, put every onion in one pot carefully while layering it with enough soil to allow the base of the shoots meets the surface of the soil.
  5.  Gently but firmly press down the soil to get rid of the air pockets.
  6.  Then, thoroughly water the pot until the water goes out from the drainage holes.
  7.   Next thing to do when you want to learn how to plant an onion that has sprouted is that you have to place the pots under a shaded spot for a few weeks. Let them get sufficient amount of sunlight but never expose them directly to the light. You should know that their roots need time to adjust and cultivate. Moreover, don’t forget to add fertilizer. You can also used shredded leaves and twigs as a natural fertilizer for your onions.
  1.    Slowly expose them to more sunlight after a couple of weeks. You may start at partial shade, then after some time, allow them to have a full sun exposure.
  2.    If necessary, harvest the sprouts. You could utilize onion sprouts on anything you would utilize onion. It will surely make a delightful garnish.


The answer to that question would be a resounding Yes. It’s still good especially if the shoots and roots are still tiny. In fact, some individuals out there love to eat sprouted onions. This vegetable is well-known with vegans as they contain plenty of proteins.

Just be sure to check for rot or mold particularly if this thing has been stuck around in a cool and dark area for more than one week. When you notice that there are molds, simply cut that part out and eat the rest. However, if the onion is already black in color or too mushy, throw it away.


Another thing to take note if you are determined to learn how to plant an onion that has sprouted is the right time to grow it. Many people plant their own onion as soon as spring comes. However, did you know that it is possible to have a head start right on your harvest through planting during fall too?


Why opt to plant during fall? Primarily, this is the time when there just a few tasks that you need to do. In addition to that, onions that are planted at this moment are more reliable and more productive than their counterparts. Most of the time, they are less prone to pests, which enjoy munching on these vegetables. To get rid of these pests, spray chemicals.


After knowing how to plant an onion that has sprouted, it’s about time to learn how to harvest it. Once you’ve noticed that the growing onion raised a bit out of the soil, and the leaves begin to turn yellow, this already indicates that it is time for harvest.


Generally, through bending its leaves, you are stopping them from growing further. Cut off the flowing sap so that you can divert all energy of the plant into the growing bulb. Approximately 50% of the top should be broken over prior to harvesting onions.

You can leave the onion in an open sunlight for a couple of days to dry the tops and necks. Take note that it is not advisable for extremely hot areas. Better use shady, airy places to avoid direct sunlight which might damage the bulb.


There you go – the things you need to know on how to plant an onion that has sprouted. Just like other veggies out there, you need to exert effort, time, and accuracy to achieve better results. Planting onions, as an essential kitchen staple, is a great help. Aside from the fact that it reduces the need to buy from supermarkets, it also assures you that you will receive fresh vegetables.

Thank you for reading this article, and don’t forget to share! Hope it helps you a lot.

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Preparing for Student Life in Scotland


Scotland is one of the best places to study in the world. Not only is it home to some of the world’s most renowned universities, but it is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and some of the friendliest locals you will ever encounter.

People in Scotland, especially the students, love to have fun. It’s a colourful country with a unique culture that embraces people from all walks of life. Students can expect to meet plenty of friends for life when studying in Scotland, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Better still, upon completing your studies you will have achieved a wealth of life experience and gained an invaluable qualification to set you forward on your career.

However, before the fun can start, there’s a few things you will want to prepare for as a student studying in Scotland.


Once you have confirmed the Scottish university you will be studying at, one of the first things you will want to do is organise your accommodation. Once this has been arranged, then you can really start to prepare yourself!

Student accommodation is widely available in Scotland, with most towns and cities with a university having a range of options available. Halls of residence are the go-to option most first year students, and it certainly offers an authentic experience of student life.

However, private student flats are certainly worth consideration. They come with all the advantages of student halls (chance to meet new people, vibrant atmosphere, great location etc.) but with a few extra benefits such as more space, fewer people, and even more independence.

Prices for this aren’t too expensive, especially when taking the time to find a quality letting agency with experience renting private student flats. A good letting agent in Glasgow will take the hassle and stress away from finding your ideal student accommodation!


Now, you may be happy with your current bank account and not see much need to open a new student account when studying in Scotland, but it’s worth opening a student bank account!

Banks here in Scotland love students. They offer a wide range of perks and freebies for any student that decides to open an account, including discounts, special promotions, and many other benefits.

Perhaps most importantly however, is the fact that you will be offered an interest-free overdraft. These are very useful for students that require a safety net or some help with their finances to pay towards rent, utilities, books and other study materials.

Even if you don’t want to use an overdraft, it is worth having it there just in case of emergencies, and you don’t have to pay back any more money than you use.


Scotland isnt blessed with greatest weather. Summers here usually equate to around two weeks of sunshine that occurs on a random month of the year, and you can expect to be greeted with plenty of precipitation during your studies.

Furthermore, Scottish winters can certainly get on the chilly side, so be sure to pack appropriate clothing for the impending winter months following your arrival. Thankfully, things will pick up later in the year, but that’s not to say it’s going to remain dry for long!

In fact, it may be a good idea to hold off on a big student shopping spree until you arrive here! It allows you to purchase the ideal clothing without the need to haul it up with your belongings when you first arrive.

One thing that is for certain – you won’t need much in the way of summer clothes!


One of the best aspects of being a student in Scotland is the social life. You will have the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life, and it’s a certainty that you will make lifelong friends during your time studying here.

Be sure to take the time to get out and socialise upon your arrival! Everyone will be in your shoes, looking to meet new friends and have some fun times. Freshers week is a great place to stay, and there’s ample of student-friendly activities taking place throughout the entire year.

Better still, take the time to explore Scotland! No matter where you are studying, Scotland’s towns and cities are teeming with things to do and see, and there’s nothing more exciting than discovering the local charm and culture of a new place.

Scottish people are some of the friendliest you will ever encounter, so be sure to get out there and experience all they have to offer!

One occasion you should definitely bookmark is Hogmanay – the Scottish New Year celebration. No one in the world celebrates a New Year quite like the Scots, so if you have the opportunity to celebrate during your time here it is highly recommended!